‘Irresistible’ collection

Step into a realm where allure meets elegance, where every stitch tells a story of passion and desire. We unveil the collection that’s simply impossible to overlook – ‘Irresistible’. For the modern muse who leaves an everlasting impression.    

2 Sep 2023

Collection ‘Magnifique’

Meet our new collection ‘Magnifique’! With a unique vibe and luxurious accents, it was created to express your self and femininity. For those who want to stand out and sparkle, but still feel tender and elegant.      

15 Sep 2022

‘The ONE’ collection

We worked really hard to make these dresses stand out, to emphasize the specialty and uniqueness of every woman’s beauty. So the name was born… Meet our newest, breathtaking collection – ‘The ONE’!      

11 Oct 2021

‘Enigma’ collection!

Gowns that touch your heart deep inside. Looks you can’t take your eyes off. Mystery that you can’t leave unsolved… Find this all in our new and incredible ‘Enigma’ collection!      

20 Aug 2020